Covid-19 and Labour Law: Facundo Chiuffo collaborates with the Italian Labour e-Journal

HD&S | 13/05/20 | Menciones, Newsletters

The Italian Labour Law e-Journal has released a special issue on “Covid-19 and Labour Law. A Global Review”, edited by Emanuele Menegatti, Beryl ter Haar, Elena Sychenko, and Iacopo Senatori. With the contributions of distinguished colleagues from more than 60 different countries, the Journal intends to contribute to the on-going discussion about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the social policies of the states and to provide an informative overview on the measures set out by national governments. Facundo Chiuffo, from the Labour Law Department of Hope Duggan & Silva has written the Argentine Chapter.

Argentina has had a profound regulatory activity to counteract the coronavirus pandemic so far.
Based on the experience of other countries, a strict lockdown was put into place at an early stage,which has been opening up slowly but gradually. Telework was recommended and a benefits
program for affected businesses was implemented to ensure the payment of social security and salaries. A temporary prohibition of dismissals and suspensions was taken to protect
employment and workers’ income. Regarding essential workers, COVID-19 has been deemed as an occupational disease for additional protection. Social protection was reinforced and an emergency family income for vulnerable groups was implemented, between other measures.

Read the rest of the article here. Bear in mind that the issue is designed to be “work-in-progress”.


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